Friday, May 25, 2007

...and my reason for being here.

(...well, one of them anyway!)
Hello again!
Still getting a feel for this new means of staying in touch. I wanted to let those of you affected by this know that I intend to use this more immediate means of communication to keep you updated on my progress on commissions. Many have requested commissions in the past, and to say I am slow is an understatement.
I have vowed to myself to effectively address this in the coming months. Several unavoidable personal events factored in in 2006, but I am happy to say I have made some good progress in my efforts in 2007. I hope it continues.
My plan is to assign a number to the commission requests- and post here what 'number' I am currently working on, so you'll know when it's YOU! And, by doing it this way, it protects your privacy as well. I hope you'll enjoy this- I think I will too! Above you'll see a commission I just completed....
Feel free to comment or write me with suggestions. Thanks!

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Bonnie said...

Your artwork is always created with perfection and your blog showcases it beautifully.
I have added you to my blog.