Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Checking in--checking right back out again!

Just a quick update here- we will be gone most of this week, returning on Sunday evening. Then things will settle down here soon after and I can get back to the commissions I am working on at this time.

I did list Renata this week- here is a picture of this feminine blond beauty! I love the coloring in this piece...
Have a great week and I will get back soon!


Kai said...

I can't afford to visit your blog very often because, with all the beautiful things you create, I become mesmerized & linger far too long! Deb, your pieces are amazing! I just love each one! This latest one is certainly no exception! GORGEOUS!

Christy said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!

Deb Wood said...

Hello again, Kai!

Thanks for the wonderful comments- it's nice to see you here again! Linger as long as your time allows, and come back again!

Deb Wood said...


Thank you! I did enjoy Renata-and she now is in the collection of a wonderful gal who has several of my pieces. The circle is complete!


Kathy said...


I have loved all of your creations for a very long time. I used to go to ebay all the time and look at all of the beautiful faeries but had gotten away from it for a while. I decided to look again, and I am still amazed at the magical world you live and create in! You are so talented. I sure wish you lived near me and taught classes. LOL
I was very surprised and happy to see that you started a blog. And I want to thank you for including tutorials as well, because I cannot find anyone in the area who teaches this wonderful art. Will you be putting more up on your site? I especially LOVED the two on making wings. I know you have other kinds of wings that you make, will those eventually be added? And I LOVE your setup for taking indoor pictures! Totally AMAZED again! Can I just come stay with you for a week and soak up all that creative energy? LOL
Thanks so much for sharing yourself with all of us. It touches people in ways you never knew!

Deb Wood said...

Hi Kathy!
Well, thank you and thank you for stopping by. I'm sorry I am late in replying to this message, I have been up to my elbows, literally- for over a week now in processing and dyeing mohair. I hope to comment about the process on the blog soon.

Actually I do travel to teach occassionally- email me and we can discuss this!
Thanks again,