Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sometimes we just gotta have some fun!

And this week, that's just what I did. Meet Flitter! She is a dragonfly fairy, floating above her cedar display. Here is a photo of her.

She is sporting some of the mohair I showed you last week- it's short, very shiny and very soft. Perfect for the short hairstyles. I really liked how her wings turned out too-all those holes were burned into the film with a soldering gun. Took hours. Good thing I LOVE MY JOB!

Have a safe holiday weekend! We are going away and I will be back Sunday evening very late. A cousin is getting married on a sunset cruise. Should be fun!



sharon said...

She is too sweet. Best of luck with her sale.

Deb Wood said...

Thank you Sharon! And thanks for the note too- always nice to know there is someone 'out there'!

Hugs, Deb

Valerie said...

She is adorable, Deb! I've really loved watching your work over the years, it just gets better and better! Have a great weekend...

Kathy said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! WOW! Those wings are amazing!

Deb Wood said...

hello Valerie!
Thank you! It's so nice to know there are folks out there 'watching'! I dearly love this whole process-and without interest in the community, the circle would not be complete--
Thanks again,
Hugs, Deb

Deb Wood said...

Hi Kathy-

Thank you! The wings were made with Angelina film and wire- burned the holes with a soldering iron. It took some time but it was fun to do!