Thursday, December 27, 2007

Season's Greetings, All!

Well, here's my cheery bunch after dinner but before gifts were opened. They are patient for a little while, but it seems Grandma is always pushing the limits! At least little Jamison is still smiley!

Seriously, we had a great time- all the kids were here for the weekend and it was sure fun! Love seeing the little ones with their packages- but truthfully, the big kids seem to have just as much fun!

I'll be back in a day or two- and will try to be more forthcoming with posts here in the new year. 2008. Can you believe it's the new year already! WOW.....



Veronica said...

Oh Deb,
What adorable kids...

I have a question for you...
how many hours to you spend on each piece of art?

I am still in such awe of your work. I just saw the elder ones and I LOVE THEM oh and the witches too..

You are by far the best artist I have ever seen.

Deb Wood said...

Hi Again, Veronica!
Well, thank you! You made my NEW YEAR! I am very flattered- humbled, as I certainly don't think of myself that way. Its a process- a very enjoyable process..

About how long does it take me--well, I do try to get one piece done a week, and that's working far more than a regular day's schedule. I start in the morning- work most the day- run errands in the late afternoon, then back into the studio in the evening and into the night many times. I don't keep track of hours, it would be depressing to do that! HA! I just love the process. I am always making exciting discoveries and learning all the time.

Thanks again for your note! How did you find my blog?

Veronica said...

Thanks again for your note! How did you find my blog?

Hummmmmmm if I remember correctly I was googling
I remembered your name but not your ebay name and I just had to see what you had been up to lately. I used to check your auctions out every week then with work and everything I just got so busy I forgot to check then one day I bought some clay and a rolling machine thingy..(pasta machine) lol
and I thought hummmmm I wonder if Deb has a website or blog and I googled you and found you that way. I am ever so glad I did too.
hugs veronica