Friday, February 15, 2008

A Pin Up style fairy- to tempt you! ;)

This is Hayden Elyse- a Pin Up style fae. I was pretty pleased with her, I think her body is among the best I've done to date. With each piece, we try to improve and it is an ongoing process. You can see more photos of Hayden by clicking on the small thumbnail photo off to the left...


Veronica said...

Once again totally amazing art work by you dear deb. love love love it
tahnks veronica.
P.s. I am still waiting to win the lotto cause when I do I am so getting one of the fairy babies. lol

Deb Wood said...

Well, when you win, you let me know!!! I'll be screaming for you all the way!!!

Veronica said...

Oh I guess you know now I didn't win the lottery but I still am in