Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amber's Dance

I had this piece listed last week and didn't get back to my blog to update, but thought I would add her photos now anyway. This piece was started months ago- and finally finished in late March. With all the cloudy days, I was fortunate the day I snapped these photos- as the appearance of fire is what I was after. Late afternoon sun streaming into the screen porch offered me the lighting I was hoping for. Very dynamic, isn't it!

Gosh, I love my job.

Amber is sold and already in the collection of a very faithful Patron.



Veronica said...

oh deb
this is fantastic. I love the colors of this. darn if I didn't win the lottery yet again but when I do I am going to scoop you up and have you come here and create for a

Deb Wood said...

Hi Victoria!
Thanks- you're a sweetie!

By the way, send me your email address again to and I will invite you to the Fairy Society again. Or did you get there?


Veronica said...

hey deb it is thanks so much