Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trying to keep busy in the studio...

But yet there is so many other things to get done also, isn't there!! and Fall is right around the corner, which means snow shoveling can't be too far behind! YIKES! Well, no sense in rushing the seasons, I will enjoy the fall weather because this is my absolute favorite time of year.
This next month I will be off to California, the Napa Valley area, to teach a week long seminar there on sculpting and finish details. Really looking forward to that.
If you are interested in having a class in your area, just send me an email and I will see if it can be arranged.
This week I did a different style fairy- seated on a base that can be illuminated. This is Arica.
Hope you enjoy seeing her! Deb


LDWatkins said...

She is beautiful! You do such a fine job sculpting the body.

Trolineke said...

Splendid creations.
I have also seen your Internet site.
I still be will frequently find.

Greeting Ineke

Tryny's Design said...

WoW Debby, she is so beautiful!!Just as everything you do.

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

WOW! Your work is AMAZING!
I would SO LUV to be able to do this...I bought all of the supplies and tools and attempted, but I guess I'm just not creative and talented enough to get it .
I am so envious of you! Everything is breathtaking BEAUTIFUL!!!