Saturday, November 7, 2009

Still hard at work-well, sort of...

Hi everyone-

I'm back! Still trying to get into the swing of studio work- between appointments and yard work. And now I have to have knee surgery again, too! Never ends. Anyway, I don't let that stuff get me down, I just keep plugging away.

Here is my latest offering on Ebay, Sheylen. Hope you enjoy seeing her! She took me such a long time to finish!!


art and beautiful junk said...

Hello, I can't get your email address and would love to have it. I am a doll artist in MN as well. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have started the chemo. I am interested in staying in touch with other artists during this time so if you feel moved to do so, please send me your address so I can write you.

Deb Wood said...

Hi Nancye,
Sorry to hear about your battle with breast cancer. Where do you live? I am in northern mn. You can reach me at
Write when you can,