Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hi Everyone! Gosh, it's great to be back. I was gone for over a week again- seems that's all I am up to lately is being away from home! Hard to get my work done, but I am doing my best. This is Phaedra-she is kneeling under an arching branch of crystal berries. I thought the branch added a cool dimension to this piece.
Also, in a bit I will be announcing the classes I will be teaching later this year. Oops! Once again, I will be on the road! But, it's all good. One will be in Omaha and one in Indianapolis.
Have a great week, everyone!


synnøve said...

Hi Debbie,
Your dolls are breathtaking beautiful as always!!!

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Deb, She is beautiful! I love her name as well. It suits her perfectly. I so wanted to attend the Indy classes, but will have to miss this, I adore your costuming techniques, and am sure I could learn so very much from you..can you just adopt me?..haha Have a great day, good luck with Phaedras auction. I'm sure she will delight her new home, with all her slendor. xoxox Christel