Friday, July 23, 2010

Been gone for a while, but back home again!

I was away for a while, traveled to Omaha to teach a week long seminar. We sure had a good time! And Teanna here was the result of that week. Such fun to share ideas with the gals--so much creativity too. You can see more images of Teanna if you click on the icon off to the left. Thanks for looking!


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Deb, your dolls are so beautiful always! This darling is no exception! I wanted so badly to attend the seminar you were teaching, but just could not mange it, both financially, and working out arrangements for someone to watch our grandson (he lives here with my husband and I) It would be an honor to learn from you Deb, please know that in your heart. I always watch your listings, and try to learn from examining them. The costuming is always superb! Good luck on her auction, not that you will need it..smiles. xoxox FaeWee Blessings, Christel

Marit said...

She is gorgeous!
And thanks for the tuturals on your blog, real helpful!


Deb Wood said...

Hello Christel,
Thank you so much for your kind compliments on my work!! That made my day, I mean it! It's so nice to know that folks are 'out there' watching and cheering me on. Bless your heart! And if we ever do meet in a class, it will be my pleasure to give you a great big hug!

Marit, thank you too- and you're welcome for the tutorials, I hope they help you!

Hugs to you both,