Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I am teaching an online class on Sculpting the Female Torso. This class starts next Monday at A for Artistic so be sure to check that out! This is a continuation of my Sculpting the Female Face class, all part of my whole sculpting series, Back to Basics 101.

I felt it would be great to over basic sculpting techniques and the study of anatomy to both beginners and the more advanced as a refresher course. So come and join us! You will need an armature to build this on and that class is running right now, also at A for Artistic.

Come and check it out!


karmakazee said...

How can I find you on eBay?

Deb Wood said...

Hello there,
I haven't been selling on ebay in a while, unfortunately! I wish I had enough time to get things up for sale in addition to the online classes. If I DO have something to offer, I will for sure post about it here. Sorry for my slow reply, I have been gone.
Thank you,