Monday, June 11, 2007

Back at it- but not what you'd think!

Home again- I was gone a few days, doing the promised yardwork and planting for my parents. Glad I still have parents to do yardwork for! Dad will be 80 in 2008. Mom isn't too far behind..

So today I am pulling weeds in my own gardens! Here's a picture of one- And here's my helper. She's not too good at pulling weeds- she'd rather chase the squirrels! Seems her work is never done!
I need to get as much done today- and possibly tomorrow- then it's back to the studio. I'll check in with you again soon!


4pixies said...

Hi Deb,

What a beautiful, luscious green yard! I don't know how you find the time!

Deb Wood said...

Thank you!!! I LOVE IT. But, a lot of rain sure helps. Seems it doesn't matter how much you water- the plants just respond better to the drink ol' Mother Nature provides.
Thanks for the note!