Monday, June 11, 2007

Back at it- but not what you'd think!

Home again- I was gone a few days, doing the promised yardwork and planting for my parents. Glad I still have parents to do yardwork for! Dad will be 80 in 2008. Mom isn't too far behind..

So today I am pulling weeds in my own gardens! Here's a picture of one- And here's my helper. She's not too good at pulling weeds- she'd rather chase the squirrels! Seems her work is never done!
I need to get as much done today- and possibly tomorrow- then it's back to the studio. I'll check in with you again soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Busy busy busy....

Boy, where do the days go....

We had our little grandbabies here for a few days. I'll tell you what. They are a lot of work! It's as I always say, there's a reason God dries up our ovaries! WHEW! They are darling, though- gramma is just getting old.

Anyway- once they all cleared out- I got a chance to finish a piece I had started a while ago- this is Zeki- a young male Changling. What fun! I love trying something different- and I really am happy with the way this piece evolved- right down to the mushroom cap as a perch. Worked out great- because I sculpted him first- and baked him- so the mushroom had to be sculpted to fit him. It is build with a wood and expanded wire mesh armature- screwed and epoxy glued together. Very sturdy!

Monday, June 4, 2007

A magical Fairy Godmother for sure!

In literature, Gwendolyn was the wife of Merlin the Magician. I thought it fitting then that my sweet Fairy Godmother would bear that name. Gwendolyn stands ever ready to grant our heart's desire.

Gwendolyn will be listed on ebay this coming Sunday evening. Drop me a note if you would like to be added to my contact list!
I certainly had fun with this ol' gal...
Hugs, Deb

...the most intriguing characters!

Please allow me to introduce you to Gwendolyn!