Thursday, March 31, 2011

Papillion-a butterfly fairy with a stained glass accent lamp

Hello again! Well, in spite of being so busy with my daughter and her new business venture, I still do find time to be in the studio. I think I would go crazy if I wasn't able to! It's just such a part of my life. This is Papillion- which is French for Butterfly. I thought it was a fitting name for her. Hope you enjoy seeing her!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back with a new wee fae! Sweet-Heart!

I have been gone so much lately! Finally I have been able to be in the studio for a bit- this is Sweet-Heart- and she is tucked into a darling handpainted china dish I found while out antiquing one day. Love those vintage and antique shops, don't you? I thought it would look good with her sitting outside the dish and fill the dish with Hershey's Kisses or some other prettily wrapped candy. Why not, right?

I am working on several new pieces right now- and using them to prepare for the online classes I will be teaching starting this month. Be watching for more information!

Happy Spring!