Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After a week away...

There was much going on on ebay this past week. Ebay is making some major changes to their policies and many people are in an uproar over it. There was a week long boycott last week and I am grateful its over. Well, some folks are continuing with it- but I don't see the logic in that. After all, ebay will be able to do as it wishes- and we are there as players.
At any rate, I spent the week creating Daigon, an Avairy fairy! She is adorned in brilliant feathers and rich fabrics of blue and purple. Loved doing her- trying some different techniques in the process. Hope everyone is safe and warm! Still pretty cold here. Hoping for spring!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Pin Up style fairy- to tempt you! ;)

This is Hayden Elyse- a Pin Up style fae. I was pretty pleased with her, I think her body is among the best I've done to date. With each piece, we try to improve and it is an ongoing process. You can see more photos of Hayden by clicking on the small thumbnail photo off to the left...