Monday, July 2, 2007

My latest on eBay- Mariella!

I started out with an entirely different plan- and ended up with Mariella. She pleased me- I loved her expression. Sad, yet hopeful. I hope you'll like her too!

About the photography here. I think the effects are cool. I took these outdoors in open shade which means light filtering through the branches. I held a matte gray board up at an angle behind the sculpture, allowing the reflections and shadows to dance across the board. It caused the streaking effect and also bounced light off the sculpture.

I think I am going to rig up some stands to hold that board next time, so I don't have to! It was hard to hold the board- and steady the camera all at the same time. Oh, and make sure the breeze didn't blow her off the stand. Fairy wings will catch the wind, you know...


Kai said...

Hi, Deb! I found YOUR link on someone's blog. Had to be someone from FabricDollArt 'cause that's where all my online sisters 'live'. LOL! Boy, am I GLAD I came over here to visit you! Your work is EXQUISITE, your grandchildren (if that lil' birdbath invader is any example) are adorable, and YOU are deliciously funny! To top it off, you have a quote from one of my three FAVORITE Survivors (the other 2 being, of course, Rupert and Cao Boi!) What's NOT to love about your blog? I'll be visiting OFTEN!

Deb Wood said...

Hello Kai!
Great to hear from you-- how fun to find a message for me on my blog! I'm new to this blogging thing-but I like it! I do hope you'll visit often- leave me a note! Love it!
Hugs, Deb