Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Fairytale continues...

A few weeks ago I showed you Genevieve and her little frog. She was making a wish for a dream come true. This week the story continues when Sir Arion appears like magic, right before her eyes!

If you click on the small photo to the left, you can read their story on the second page of the listing. I don't do many male sculpts but really enjoyed creating Sir Arion. He has leather-like riding pants and real kid leather boots.

Gosh, this is fun! Thanks for your time--
Hugs, Deb


Marilyn said...

He's lovely.

I could never afford one of your sculptures, but if you put out a set of post cards with pictures of them, I'd buy one.

Deb Wood said...

Well, thank you Marilyn! I've heard of other artists doing that. It's a good idea!
Thanks for your note-

fribbles said...

Deb, your sculptures are constantly AMAZING!!! I love the continuing storyline in this one, and the softness in his expression---whoever won the Froggy Prince set should definitely try for this handsome fellow!

*big hugs*


Deb Wood said...

There's MY GIRL!! HOW ARE you, Fribbles???? Geez, it's good to hear from you-miss you!

Thanks for the compliments-- the collector that has Genevieve and Froggy probably won't go after Sir Arion--but that's ok, I did this for me. I needed to finish the 'story'.

Looking forward to seeing you in INDY!