Friday, October 16, 2009

Home from my excursion West!

Back again! I am happy to be home but had a simply wonderful time visiting California. I taught a week long seminar in Napa Valley- was so much fun! The gals worked hard and everyone had a fairy mostly finished by class end. Then, off to visit other parts farther south-such fun traveling! Here is a photo of a sunset I was lucky enough to catch while in the Mexican Riviera.

Also, while there I completed a sculpt I call Korbella, after the Korbel Winery we visited in Napa Valley. Here is a photo of Korbella! She is currently listed on ebay.

Thanks for stopping by!


anjah said...

I love your characters and your blog, and therefore is an award waiting on my blog for you.
Hugs, Anjah

Deb Wood said...

Thanks for stopping by, Anjah! Such a pretty name you have...

Karri said...

I have admired your work for a long are an inspiration to fellow artists! Thanks for that!

Lovely blog too.

Take Care,

Donna Shields said...

I purchased 3 lil bits dolls over 10 years ago & love them more today then I did the day I bought them... they are so there a catalog out there when I can add to my collection

Donna Shields said...

I purchased 3 Lil Bits girls over 10 years ago & am very excited to find your web site.. I would love to add to my there a catalog out there ??? your work is beautiful