Friday, February 5, 2010

An Angel for Valentine's Day!

This is Bethesda! She is a Valentine Angel, bringing good wishes for all those special people in our lives. Her base is actually a small trinket box, the perfect hiding place for a little something for that special Someone! If you want to see additional photos of her, click on the link off to the left side.

I've been gone a good deal lately, visiting the grandkids- and I had knee surgery in late December. That slowed me down a bit too! But, getting back up to speed, and certainly looking forward to SPRING.

For now, though, stay warm!


Christel said...

Dear Deb, Bethesda is delightful, as always! The trinket box is a great idea! Maybe that special someone will receive two gifts! Have a great weekend, xoxox Christel

Deb Wood said...

Hi Christel,
Thanks! Wouldn't it have been cool to give her as a gift and have a pretty piece of jewelry in the box!! Such fun- you're right. Course, a person could just do that for themselves, too!! :)

Thanks for stopping by,