Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am happy to announce I will be teaching an online course for beginning December 7th. We will be creating these exact Fantasy Film wings. The class runs for three weeks and the cost is 35.00. Please go to their website and click on the CLASSES tab on the left of your screen. There you'll see information on my class, as well as all the other wonderful offerings from AforArtistic. I am deeply honored and flattered to be in the company of such renowned artists! Come and see us there!!


Lucie Bilsbrough said...

Oh how lovely - they look fabulous! I have to say Deb that your last tutorial, the back to basics for armatures, was wonderful. It's added a real life-like quality to my latest sculpt. It's still in its early stages but I am holding out a lot of hope for the finished doll. Thank you for sharing your knowledge this way! love Lucie xxx

Deb Wood said...

Hi Lucie! That is just awesome! I'm so glad it helped you. I am offering it again through A for Artistic this month-- hopefully it will be helpful to others too!! Sorry I'm so slow in replying here- I've been gone for IDEX and then a bit of vacation---

Deb Wood said...
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